At the beginning of every implantological intervention - especially in compromised situations - there is the reconstruction of the intraoral bony defects. The choice of the procedure and the implementation of the technique by the surgeon are of crucial importance for predictable and long-term stable results.

Dr. Frank Zastrow is an oral surgeon and owner of a private dental clinic in southern Germany. He has an international reputation as a speaker and author of numerous specialist books. Some dental colleagues may also be familiar with the “Real Bone Builders” Facebook group he founded, in which colleagues exchange views on complex cases in implantology.

In this book, Dr. Frank Zastrow presents the concept of Biological Bone Augmentation (BBA) and the Split Bone Block Technique SBBT (according to Prof. Fouad Khoury), in which preferably the patient's own and vital bone - also known as the "Gold standard" - is used. The advantage lies in the osteoinductive and osteogenetic potency of the autologous bone.

At the same time, innovative modifications such as the Semilunar technique (SLT) are presented, which can represent a facilitation and simplification of the previous methods.

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Medical content print book for oral surgeons with Focus on: Working with the patient's own bone material and Dr. Zastrow's Semilunar Technique, hardcover

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Physical Book: "BBA & the Semilunar technique"