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Education is key. We proudly present the Starter-Box: Train the Semilunar technique online and get immediate access to our cutting-edge medical Equipment. Order now your Starter Box and register for the Qualification Session.

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Product Details

1x Fixation System (for clinical use and for storing the Titanium Mini Screws)

1x TMS Screwdriver (for clinical use)

2x TwoPac TMS Drills (for clinical use)

1x Simulation Easy Bone Collector Large (EBC)

1x SixPack Simulation Titanium Mini Screws (TMS)

1x Simulation System

1x Simulation Safe-Scraper

1x Bone Modeling System

2x RBB Surgical caps

1x Training Mandible

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What people say about us

Dr. Marcin Derwich
I was not satisfied with GBR results. So I wanted to try something new. With Masterclasses I grow my knowledge with bone blocks and gain the knowledge how to receive very predictive results.
Dr. Adnan Rehman
If you serious about bone building and want something far more predictable and safe for your patients this is the course to come to.
Dr. Natalja Lunina
I suggest the Masterclasses for everybody who would like to work with real bone and get predictable results.