00:00 minStarting with the intervention in right mandible

0:30 Vertical relieving incision mesially

0:47 Tunnel preparation

1:02 Second relieving incision posterior

1:35 Safe Bone Harvesting of cortico-cancellous bone Block from right mandible

2:53 Crossing of the bony incisions

3:26 Using of the chisel for harvesting the bone block

4:13 Splitting of the block in thin bone shells

5:12 Thinnening the bone shells by using the Safescraper TWIST from META

5:45 Collecting pure vital bone chips

05:56 min

Using a template

6:12 Giving the bone shell the right shape and smoothen the sharp edges

6:44 Fixing the bone shell with the Osteosynthesis Screws

7:05 Starting with the occlusal bone shell

7:18 Filling the space with the pure autogenous bone particles

8:11 Fixing the lateral bone shell with the Osteosynthesis Screws

9:45 Closure of the relieving incisions mesially and distally

10:48 min

Re-entry in the augmented area

11:05 Kazanjian Vestibuloplasty

11:28 Placing the implants and removing the Osteosynthesis screws

11:59 Second stage surgery

BBA Video Tutorial 3.2 -
Vertical augmentation with the tunnel technique

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