00:00 minStarting with the intervention in Chin

Harvesting bone block from the chin after crestal incision

0:10 Making 4 incision with Piezo or Saw, 5mm safety distance from the canines

0:16 Adding drill burs in a distance of 1-2mm from ach other thourgh the cortical part

0:22 Optionally one additional incision in the middle of the block for easier removal

0:25 Use of the chisel from the middle or from apically (then the curved chisel instead of the straight chisel)

0:40 Collecting cancellous bone till the lingual compacta

0:49 Splitting the block into two thin bone shells according to the BBA Concept (Biological Bone Augmentation) and Khoury technique

00:57 min

Lateral augmentation and fixation of the bone shells on distance

0:58 Filling the inner two third of the donor area with collagen sponge as space filler and for stabilizing the blood clot

1:02 The third part is filled with bone substitutes to regenerate the contour- besides that we have a 4 wall defect with best precondition for regeneration

1:08 Closure with membrane and pins

BBA Video Tutorial 5.2 -
Bone harvesting from chin

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