1. Definition
  2. Indications


  1. Advantages
  2. Risk


  1. Information for the Patient
  2. Preparation
  3. Incision and Retromolar Access
  4. Applying the Predetermined Breaking Lines on the Bone
  5. Applying the Predetermined Breaking Lines
  6. Step-by-Step Instructions
  7. The Luxation of the Cortico-cancellous bone block
  8. Treating the Donor side

Tips, Exceptions, and Complication Management

  1. Practical Tips Following the Slogan “The Devil Is In The Detail“
  2. Particular Situations & Exceptions to the Rule

The Concept of the Biological Bone Augmentation (BBA Concept)

  1. The Harvesting of a Cortical bone block General Comments
  2. The Splitting of the Bone Block
  3. Dealing with the Bone Shells Trimming
  4. Thinning and Particulation
  5. Safescraper and Micross

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