00:00 minStarting with the intervention in the left maxilla

0:20 Diagnosis in CBCT

0:49 BBA Concept in the left maxilla

1:19 Re-entry and placing the implants

1:53 Correction of the muco-gingival border with apical repositioned flap in maxilla

2:33 Combination with connective tissue graft (CTG)

3:19 Partial necrosis of flap

3:38 Impression taking

4:10 The final restoration

04:35 min

Start with the left mandible

5:05 Safe Bone harvesting from right mandible

5:40 Placing of collagen sponge in donor area

6:01 BBA Concept (Biological Bone Augmentation) in left mandible

7:00 Fixing of the second Osteosynthesis screw

7:24 Filling container with pure bone particles

8:10 Re-entry and nicely healed and regenerated bone.

BBA Video Tutorial 1.2 -
Rehabilitation in left maxilla and mandible with BBA Concept

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